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MMGM (7/29/2019): Positively Izzy by Terri Libenson

I'm back (a week late—sorry!) with a review of the graphic novel Positively Izzy  by Terri Libenson (a follow-up to Invisible Emmie , which I reviewed here ).           With her single mother at work every day, Izzy (one of two main characters of the book) finds herself constantly doing chores and being bossed around by her older sister, Danielle, who essentially runs the house when her mother is gone. Izzy finds solace in making up/acting out stories with her slightly younger sister, Ashley, and this passion prepares her for the upcoming school talent show, in which she is excited to perform a skit. However, when Izzy learns that she won't be able to perform in the show (I won't spoil why), she has to figure out, with Ashley's help, if there is any chance to fulfill her dream and act onstage.           The other main character of the book, Brianna (who readers will recognize as Emmie's best friend from  Invisible Emmie ), is a confident, straight-A student

No post this Monday!

I will not have an MMGM post on Monday, July 15. I hope to have an MMGM post on Monday, July 22. See you soon!

MMGM (7/8/2019): Swing It, Sunny by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (update: plus giveaway winners!)

Update (7/8/2019): I have selected the winners for my giveaway! The winner of the signed copy of All Summer Long  by Hope Larson is... Danielle! Congratulations! The winner of the unsigned copy of All Summer Long  is: Ms. Yingling! Congratulations as well! My review for today is below. For MMGM, I am recommending the graphic novel Swing It, Sunny  by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (the sequel to Sunny Side Up , which I reviewed previously).           Sunny Lewin is not having a good time. She hates middle school, she has to get allergy shots every week, and her delinquent older brother Dale is now at boarding school, leaving her family down a member. Sunny tries to enjoy the things she usually loves: watching TV with her friend Deb, dressing up for Halloween, and talking on the phone with Gramps, her grandfather (a main character in Sunny Side Up ). However, a shadow seems to be hanging over her entire life, and it certainly isn't helped when an angry, b