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#IMWAYR: More Heartstopper!

Just poking my head into the blog to say hello and share a quick reading update! Young Adult Heartstopper Volume 2 / Volume 3 / Volume 4 Written and illustrated by Alice Oseman Graphic novels · 2020 / 2021 / 2022 For full transparency, I'm nearing the end of Volume 4 right now, and I'm going to keep this review spoiler-free. If it gives you a sense of how deeply I have connected with these books, I just started the series last week and I'm already almost done with four books. I have literally not consumed any other media besides these books since I started (except for music), and I've already purchased one of Alice Oseman's prose novels (and we know how much I've been avoiding prose novels lately), with plans to buy literally all  of them and become an Alice Oseman superfan. I'm in complete awe. I feel like my understanding of human existence and love has expanded more in the last week than it had in actual months and months, thanks to these books. The thin

MMGM and #IMWAYR: Beetle & the Hollowbones and Heartstopper!

Hi hi! This is a very sudden blog post—I've been thinking semi-deeply about what I want to do with this blog in the future, but I also realize I should quit agonizing over that and instead squeal about some books on the Internet. And I must say, assembling this post delivered the most wonderful short-term emotional benefit—I hope reading it will do the same, so let's dive in! Middle Grade: Beetle & the Hollowbones Written and illustrated by Aliza Layne Graphic novel · 2020 · Re-review ( see my original review ) · · · The publisher says: · · · A Stonewall Honor Book An enchanting, riotous, and playfully illustrated debut graphic novel following a young goblin trying to save her best friend from the haunted mall—perfect for fans of Steven Universe and Adventure Time . In the eerie town of ‘Allows, some people get to be magical sorceresses, while other people have their spirits trapped in the mall for all ghastly eternity. Then there’s twelve-year-old goblin-witch Beetle, w