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Blog hiatus!

I know, I know...I just got back! But that wasn't great timing on my part, since historically, the weeks of Christmas and New Year's tend to be the worst for blog readership. So I'm going to take some time off and return when more people are available to see the books I'm talking about! That means no post yesterday, December 19 or this Monday, December 26. On Monday, January 2, I'll either skip entirely or put up a picture book post (since I'm not quite as concerned if there's less readers on a post like that). And then I should be back for real by Monday, January 9 at the latest! Don't forget, the #LiveLikeABookChallenge is still happening on January 14 and 15 —check out the link above for details on what's happening! In short, this is your chance to spend a weekend like you're inside  a book—and who doesn't want that? (Oh, and one last tangent. This last week, I've been listening to the album Mental Illness  by Aimee Mann, and it is pe

#IMWAYR: Picture Book Pandemonium, Part 19 (plus a preview of the #LiveLikeABookChallenge!)

I'm back again , with my second consecutive post after Max's Great Hiatus of 2022! First off the bat, I'm using this post as a chance to announce something exciting... the #LiveLikeABookChallenge! This is a challenge I'll be hosting in January that gives you the chance to bring a book you love to life...and if you're curious what that means, click the big, dramatic link below to skip to the end of the post and see the details! Jump to the #LiveLikeABookChallenge below! Now for reviews! This week, I'm reviewing one picture book ( A Spoonful of Frogs ) completely from memory, because it was due back to the library several months ago and I read it like 20 minutes before returning it. And then I'm reviewing three more picture books I've had checked out for an obscene amount of time—I've been renewing them, so they're not overdue, but still...they need to get out of my house so other people can enjoy them. Oh, and these rev

MMGM and #IMWAYR: Enemies by Svetlana Chmakova

I'm back!!!  I really wish I hadn't dropped off the face of the earth quite aggressively for two months, but alas, here we are. In that time, I've: Been so busy that it's really a wonder how I function at all (yet I do!) Been addicted to various  amazing  albums of music ( Midnights by Taylor Swift,  Inner World Peace  by Frankie Cosmos, and Swimming Lessons  by Genevieve Stokes) Done my usual therapy routine (hooray for achingly slow self-improvement!) Played several shockingly gorgeous mobile games I've played before ( Monument Valley , Monument Valley 2 , and Assemble with Care ) and one I haven't ( Florence ) Listened to three tracks from the  Monument Valley 2  soundtrack on loop ("Interwoven Stories," "Child," and "Power of Two") Laughed really hard on some video calls with friends Pondered my future intermittently and with great trepidation (my trepidation is greater than your trepidation, so take that ) Felt like a weird cr