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MMGM (12/26/2016): Howard Wallace, P.I. by Casey Lyall

Update (August 11, 2021): I have removed a section at the beginning of this post.  Before the recommendation, I would like to show you just how many books I have gotten over the holidays (about 14.8125 inches tall): (Caption: 😄😄😄!!!) Finally, for MMGM, I am recommending Howard Wallace, P.I. by Casey Lyall. Here's the publisher's description: “What’s with the get-up? Is that the company uniform or something?” “This? All P.I.s wear a trench coat.” “Dude, that’s a brown bathrobe.” I shrugged and straightened out my sleeves. “First rule of private investigation, Ivy: work with what you’ve got.” Twelve-year-old Howard Wallace lives by his list of rules of private investigation. He knows more than anyone how to work with what he’s got: a bathrobe for a trench coat, a makeshift office behind the school equipment shed, and not much else—least of all, friends. So when a hot case of blackmail lands on his desk, he’s ready to take it on himself .

MMGM (12/19/2016): The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Notice: You can now comment on my blog anonymously! To do so, in the comment field, click the dropdown box that follows "Comment as:" and select "Anonymous." You can also comment with several other types of accounts as well, such as WordPress. Notice 2: There is a new poll on the sidebar below the old poll! Be sure to vote in both, as they end on New Year's Day. (It may take several clicks of "Vote" before your votes are accepted. Also, if using a Mac, when looking at the results, you may not see a scroll bar, but you can still scroll sideways to see the poll results.) One of the best parts of the holidays is new books! (My Christmas list has 18 books on it!) However, to get through this next week, for MMGM, I am recommending The Candymakers by Wendy Mass. Here's the publisher's description: In the town of Spring Haven, four children have been selected to compete in the national candymaking contest of a lifetime. Who will ma

Poetry Sunday (12/4/2016): "The Snow Man" by Wallace Stevens

To start off the winter, I am recommending "The Snow Man" by Wallace Stevens. Here's the link. I hope you enjoy it!

MMGM (12/5/2016): Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

For MMGM, I'm recommending Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur. I loved this book long before I started this blog, so I'm finally recommending it. The main character, Aubrey, starts the story living alone in her house, since, after her father and sister died in a car crash, her mother left in grief, leaving Aubrey alone. Aubrey then goes to live with her grandmother as she deals with grief and her new home, including making some friends. Aubrey is a likable main character who you sympathize with as she deals with the loss of her father and sister without her mother. The aspect of the story involving Aubrey getting used to living in a different state with her grandmother and going to a different school is also deftly handled. The settings (both the outside world and Aubrey's new home) are enjoyable and allow you to sink into them. Finally, the book's balance of flashbacks allows you to see into Aubrey's head, in a way. Although this book is sad, it is still a

The Secret Keepers giveaway winner!

The winner of the giveaway of the signed copy of The Secret Keepers has been chosen, and it is... Joanne! Congratulations! Now, back to cleaning out my bookshelves!