MMGM (12/5/2016): Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

For MMGM, I'm recommending Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur.

I loved this book long before I started this blog, so I'm finally recommending it. The main character, Aubrey, starts the story living alone in her house, since, after her father and sister died in a car crash, her mother left in grief, leaving Aubrey alone. Aubrey then goes to live with her grandmother as she deals with grief and her new home, including making some friends. Aubrey is a likable main character who you sympathize with as she deals with the loss of her father and sister without her mother. The aspect of the story involving Aubrey getting used to living in a different state with her grandmother and going to a different school is also deftly handled. The settings (both the outside world and Aubrey's new home) are enjoyable and allow you to sink into them. Finally, the book's balance of flashbacks allows you to see into Aubrey's head, in a way. Although this book is sad, it is still a great read for anyone.


  1. I can always enjoy a book with settings you can "sink into." Those books tend to be the most memorable for me. Weird, huh? Thanks for the review!

  2. I review a lot of grief books and love the variety available to kids to pick from. This book sounds like a lovely read.

  3. Wow, poor Aubrey! It sounds interesting.

  4. As you have pointed out before, so many of the middle grade books deal with some pretty stong themes of loss and grief. Sounds good but heavy....thanks for tackling it.

  5. This book sounds heartbreaking, but in a good way. Thanks for the recommend, and happy MMGM!



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