MMGM (12/19/2016): The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

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One of the best parts of the holidays is new books! (My Christmas list has 18 books on it!) However, to get through this next week, for MMGM, I am recommending The Candymakers by Wendy Mass.

Here's the publisher's description:

In the town of Spring Haven, four children have been selected to compete in the national candymaking contest of a lifetime. Who will make a candy more delicious than the Oozing Crunchorama or the Neon Yellow Lightning Chew?

Logan, the candymaker's son, who can detect the color of chocolate by feel alone?

Miles, the boy allergic to rowboats and the color pink?

Daisy, the cheerful girl who can lift a fifty-pound lump of taffy as if it were a feather?

Philip, the suit-and-tie-wearing boy who's always scribbling in a secret notebook?

This sweet, charming, and cleverly crafted story, told from each contestant's perspective, is filled with mystery, friendship, and juicy revelations. 

I love The Candymakers! One part of this book that I love is the multiple-POV setup. The book is told in 3rd-person, but the parts focus on specific characters and their thoughts and feelings. Each part allows you to discover more about each character, since their part is based on what they thought about, not what others thought about them. This shows you the inner workings of each character and allows you to discover why some may be mysterious, some may be mean, and some may be odd. In addition, the plotline is very interesting and contains several twists and revelations. The book has a great balance of action and emotion. Finally, it is fun (as you would expect in any candy-themed book) to read about the contestants' different candies. This book is enjoyable enough (and long enough, being 453 pages) to be a great read for the holidays! (And if you enjoy it, there is a sequel available, The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase.)


  1. This sounds great! My kids need a loooong book for the holidays! We have had good luck with Mass's books in the past!

  2. I've read several other of Wendy's books but not this series. Thanks for reminding me I need to take care of that omission soon. It does sound fun.

  3. I finally read this last year. Just in time for the sequel, I guess. Thanks. plus, I received my copy of Secret Keepers. Thank-you! I am dying to read it but it's so gorgeous, I think it needs to go under the tree. My kiddos are going to love it. Merry Christmas.

  4. I'm often put off by multiple povs, but it sounds like this time its done well...and I have to admit, I'd love a peek inside the head of each of these characters! Thanks for the recommendation, and happy reading!


  5. This book is amazing. However, A Mango-Shaped Space is the best by Wendy Mass. All of her books I've read are incredible. She is my second favorite author. Shannon Messenger is my first.

  6. This sounds super sweet! (hahahaha) I definitely need to read this! Thanks for the review! :)

  7. This sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the post.


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