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#IMWAYR: Nubia: Real One!

So many things have happened since I last posted, it's sort of absurd! I recovered from COVID, but then a few weeks later, everyone in my house got COVID again, so that was super-fun (not). I finally  got my driver's license way later than I had any reason to, so I am embarking on the thrill of car shopping! My boyfriend, who is amazing, gave me the world's cutest dog plushie. I had the same epiphany I have to have every few years, where I remember there's no point to dissecting all my anxious thoughts because that gives them credibility. It seems to be working—I've been happier the last few days! Amidst it all, I haven't really been reading, but I finally finished a graphic novel that I'm really excited to share with y'all—so let's do it! Young Adult: Nubia: Real One Written by L.L. McKinney and illustrated by Robyn Smith Graphic novel · 2021 Add it on Goodreads · Preview the illustrations · · · The publisher says: · · · Can you be a hero...if soci