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#IMWAYR: Heartstopper, Volume 5!

Hey everyone! The week's been a little wild, but I did the thing I promised I'd do last week —I read a graphic novel!!! And because it was a Heartstopper  graphic novel, it was expectedly amazing. So let's talk about it! Young Adult: Heartstopper Volume 5 Written and illustrated by Alice Oseman Graphic novel · 2023 Book 5 of 6 ( Vol. 1  · 2  · 3  · 4  · 5  · 6  [not released yet]) Add it on Goodreads · Preview the illustrations The only annoying thing about reading Heartstopper  is that, to keep this review spoiler-free  of the previous books in the series, I can't gush as much about all the things I loved!! Alas. I'll survive. Heartstopper  is still one of the best things I've ever read, and I encourage you to drop by my reviews of book 1  or books 2, 3, and 4 to see a whole lot of excited squealing about what makes this series incredible. I ended up waiting about six months to read this volume of the series, in part because I went through my first breakup in