Blog hiatus!

I know, I know...I just got back!

But that wasn't great timing on my part, since historically, the weeks of Christmas and New Year's tend to be the worst for blog readership. So I'm going to take some time off and return when more people are available to see the books I'm talking about!

That means no post yesterday, December 19 or this Monday, December 26. On Monday, January 2, I'll either skip entirely or put up a picture book post (since I'm not quite as concerned if there's less readers on a post like that).

And then I should be back for real by Monday, January 9 at the latest!

Don't forget, the #LiveLikeABookChallenge is still happening on January 14 and 15—check out the link above for details on what's happening! In short, this is your chance to spend a weekend like you're inside a book—and who doesn't want that?

(Oh, and one last tangent. This last week, I've been listening to the album Mental Illness by Aimee Mann, and it is perfect—39 minutes of haunting lyrics and soothing melodies, start to finish. I strongly encourage you to check it out!)


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