#IMWAYR: More Heartstopper!

Just poking my head into the blog to say hello and share a quick reading update!

Young Adult


Volume 2 / Volume 3 / Volume 4

Written and illustrated by Alice Oseman
Graphic novels · 2020 / 2021 / 2022

For full transparency, I'm nearing the end of Volume 4 right now, and I'm going to keep this review spoiler-free.

If it gives you a sense of how deeply I have connected with these books, I just started the series last week and I'm already almost done with four books. I have literally not consumed any other media besides these books since I started (except for music), and I've already purchased one of Alice Oseman's prose novels (and we know how much I've been avoiding prose novels lately), with plans to buy literally all of them and become an Alice Oseman superfan.

I'm in complete awe. I feel like my understanding of human existence and love has expanded more in the last week than it had in actual months and months, thanks to these books. The thing that I always say about my favorite books is that they find a way to go to the painful moments of human existence and still find hope and joy—and Heartstopper truly takes this to the next level, showing how love is not a cure-all, but it is a sustaining force and a rock that can give you strength as you move through what's next. It's not about hiding forever from the darkness of the world, but having someone by your side as you face it. (Although trust me, I sure wish it was actually just the first thing, and I'm sure I'll keep deluding myself into thinking it is).

These books are so flawlessly plotted and so immersive, with such real characters, that you feel like you've stepped into an entire world, mirroring your own and also nothing like it. Adorable romantic moments and milestones, self-exploration, bravery and mental health, family, friends, traveling—that's literally just a meaningless list that can't even begin to scratch the surface of all that's going on in these books.

(And I almost shudder to think of all the subtext I'm missing and haven't even explored that I'll be discovering for the rest of my whole life—because you know I'll be re-reading these in a crazy spurt at least several times in this life.)

I don't have the energy to truly and coherently review this series, but I need to be clear with you how much I love these books, and Nick and Charlie, and their friends and Nick's mom (I love Nick's mom) and literally everyone. (The standalone novel by Alice Oseman that I bought, Solitaire, is about Tori, Charlie's older sister—these books are actually a spin-off of that one, and I have been told it is dark and fabulous and I'm so ready.)

You might not be ready to embark on the emotional rollercoaster that is the magnetic pull of this series, but do trust that Alice Oseman—as I said last week—is a book wizard, prepared to take care of you on this journey, as you follow the cutest couple ever through years of in-world time and countless meaningful moments. And do trust that Oseman is officially one of the most talented authors I've ever seen in my whole life—end of story.

That's all for now—see you soon!! ✨✨


  1. wow - now that's a review! but I definitely know that feeling, as a reader, where you discover something so incredible that all your thoughts and feelings are all spinning together, and all you can do is shout READ IT AND YOU'LL GET IT :-D

  2. Do you love these books?! I couldn't tell from reading your post! Of course, I am kidding! ;) Sounds like a wonderful series.

  3. Dang, Max! There you go, adding to my reading list...AGAIN! 😆

  4. I really need to read this series, I have herd such good things about it!

  5. It's always great to find books that really speak to you, and this shows the power of how having just the right book can make a reader devour books at an amazing rate. Glad you liked this series so much.

  6. I feel like I need to give this series another chance when I can binge on the complete series.

  7. I am so happy for you that you have found this series. As soon as I read this "love is not a cure-all, but it is a sustaining force and a rock that can give you strength as you move through what's next." I knew I had to read at least the first in the series. Luckily my library has it as an ebook ready to borrow!

  8. Wow, these books sound really amazing! I haven't read any of them yet - am still SO far behind on reading graphic novels! Thanks for sharing these -

    Book By Book

  9. My nephew never reads ANYTHING and he tore through these.

  10. I have only read the first one and loved it--I really need to read the rest! Thank you for reviewing :)


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