The books I'm reading for #MustReadIn2022!

The moment has come...I'm participating in #MustReadIn2022!

I've seen many of my fellow kidlit bloggers participating in this challenge (including Cheriee Weichel at Library Matters, who cohosts the challenge with Leigh Anne Eck at A Day in the Life), and I don't participate in too many reading challenges, but this one seemed like a great opportunity to get to some books/authors that I've been waiting to read for far too long!

By the way, if you want to learn more about the challenge or enter, you can do so here!

Here are my picks for the challenge:

First of all: yes, I spent an unreasonably long amount of time designing that graphic in Canva. But, I was planning to start learning how to use Canva over the break, so at least I made progress there—it really is surprisingly easy to use as far as graphic design programs go!

Now let's see the full details of what I'm planning to read. And if you're looking at this post throughout the year and want to see which of these I've read and reviewed, click here!


  • The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart
    • This was highly recommended by Rosi Hollinbeck, and it's been waiting on my shelves for far too long, so I'd like to resolve that!
  • From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks
    • My mom picked this out for me as a gift, so I'd like to actually get it read!
  • New From Here by Kelly Yang
    • I have read far too few Kelly Yang books (only Parachutes), and I saw that another #MustReadIn2022 participant, The Page Turning Librarian, was including one of her books, so I picked this one to read as well! (Particularly because it's not part of the Front Desk series, since I started but never finished Front Desk even though it was excellent, so now I feel like I need to re-read the parts I've already read to read the rest of the series—so I'm just avoiding that conundrum for now.)
  • You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson
  • Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens by Tanya Boteju
    • My sibling really wants me to read this book, and it's been on my shelves for years, so, again, I'd like to fix that!
  • May the Best Man Win by ZR Ellor
    • This is one of my own picks that's been endlessly waiting on my shelves and sounds great!
  • When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore
    • I heard McLemore speak at a panel recently and wanted to try their books, and considering they were just longlisted for the National Book Award, I suspect they've got plenty of writing talent, so I want to get this one read!
  • All Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson
    • This is another of my own picks that I still haven't read, and cohost of #MustReadIn2022 Cheriee Weichel at Library Matters was strongly recommending this one recently, so I'd like to finally get to it!
  • My Last Summer With Cass by Mark Crilley
    • This is the only graphic novel I included in this challenge, since let's be real, I read so many graphic novels already that cramming them in isn't much of a challenge. But I keep avoiding this one even though it sounds great and was selected as a Cybils finalist this year—and considering I also heard from Crilley at a panel and was intrigued, it seems like it's finally time to read this!
So those are my plans for #MustReadIn2022! Now let's see if I can actually cram all 9 of these in during 2022, besides everything else I want to get to—I've found recently that I'm a faster reader than I think I am, as long as I actually focus, so I think it will be doable. And I'm excited to find out!


  1. From the Desk of Zoe Washington was really good. Hope you get to read it.

  2. I have only read Coyote from your list (although I have a few others on my own shelf!), and it was really good. I am a huge fan of Gemeinhart! I am glad you have joined us! Happy reading!

  3. Oh, Coyote Sunrise is SO good!!! Glad to see it on your list - that's the only one I've read so far, though I'd like to read many of these, too.

    Sounds like a great reading year ahead - enjoy!

    Book By Book

  4. I'm excited that you have All Boys Aren't Blue on your list. Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens was much better than I expected. I'm hoping to get to her new book some time in the new year.

  5. I enjoyed You Should See Me in a Crown and My Last Summer with Cass and have heard really good things about a number of other books on your list. Enjoy!

  6. I loved You Should See Me in a Crown. I've added Coyote Sunrise to my list. And I've also been wanting to read From the Desk of Zoe Washington. Your Canva design is fantastic! I too, have spent a fair bit of time learning to use Canva this past month. I'm excited to follow your progress as you make your way through your list!

  7. I am catching up! I've only read the first two, also, have a few others on a list, & now, as happens every year, you have more I need to put on another list. Reading pleasures for you coming, I'm sure!

  8. Coyote Sunrise and Zoe Washington are both amazing. The Kelly Yang book is one I want to read, too.


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