No post this week!

So, I had a post almost ready to go, but I am so frantic that I don't really have time to finish it, and I'm probably going to get behind anyway, so I'm just going to give myself a break and pause blogging for this week. (Which is technically the first time I've done so, barring my holiday break in 2021, since I joined #IMWAYR since the start of the pandemic—I don't love breaking my streak, but I also think there's perhaps something liberating about getting rid of that pressure!) Still, my plan is to be back next week with plenty of blogging for everyone to hopefully enjoy!


  1. Enjoy your break and take your time getting caught up. Blogging isn't the most important thing in life.

  2. Yes, by all means, give yourself a break!!! I love your weekly posts, but the world won't end if you skip a week. Better to take care of your mental health and not get too overwhelmed.

    Good luck with everything on your plate this week!

    Book By Book

  3. Definitely give yourself time off. I think pausing sometimes is needed and rejuvenates us. Enjoy!


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