MMGM (12/11/2017): New and Upcoming MG Books!

First, the Holiday Signed Book Extravaganza doesn't end until Tuesday, so click here to enter! Next, for today's MMGM, I have posted a list of new books to from authors of books I have previously recommended! Some of these are sequels, while some are not; most have come out, but some won't until after the holidays. Note that I have read none of these books (although I do own some of them), and this post is not a recommendation, but rather just a list of things to look forward to.

The first book I want people to know about is The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. The book, which is available now, is the sequel to The War that Saved My Life, a Newbery Honor book that I reviewed here. The publisher's description is as follows:

Like the classic heroines of Sarah, Plain and TallLittle Women, and Anne of Green Gables, Ada is a fighter for the ages. Her triumphant World War II journey continues in this sequel to the Newbery Honor–winning The War that Saved My Life
When Ada’s clubfoot is surgically fixed at last, she knows for certain that she’s not what her mother said she was—damaged, deranged, crippled mentally as well as physically. She’s not a daughter anymore, either. Who is she now?

World War II rages on, and Ada and her brother, Jamie, move with their guardian, Susan, into a cottage with the iron-faced Lady Thorton and her daughter, Maggie. Life in the crowded home is tense. Then Ruth moves in. Ruth, a Jewish girl, from
Germany. A German? Could Ruth be a spy?

As the fallout from war intensifies, calamity creeps closer, and life during wartime grows even more complicated. Who will Ada decide to be? How can she keep fighting? And who will she struggle to save?

Ada’s first story,
The War that Saved My Life, was a #1 New York Times bestseller and won a Newbery Honor, the Schneider Family Book Award, and the Josette Frank Award, in addition to appearing on multiple best-of-the-year lists. This second masterwork of historical fiction continues Ada’s journey of family, faith, and identity, showing us that real freedom is not just the ability to choose, but the courage to make the right choice.

The next book is also out now, and it is the sequel to Howard Wallace, P.I. by Casey Lyall, which I reviewed here. The book is called Shadow of a Pug (Howard Wallace, P.I., Book 2), and here is its publisher's description:

“My partner scanned the message and a slow grin took over her face as she said our four favorite words: We have a case.’
Middle-school detectives Howard Wallace and Ivy Mason are itching for a juicy case. But when their friend and cohort Marvin hires them to prove his nephew— รผber-bully Carl Dean—didn’t pugnap the school mascot, they’re less than thrilled. To succeed, not only must Howard and Ivy play nice with Carl, they’ll have to dodge a scrappy, snoopy reporter and come face-to-face with Howard’s worst enemy, his ex-best friend Miles Fletcher. Can Howard deal with all these complications and still be there for Ivy when her life is turned upside down? Or will he once again find himself a friendless P.I.?

One of my favorite books, Greenglass House by Kate Milford (reviewed here), now has a sequel! The book is called Ghosts of Greenglass House, and it, too, is available now. Here's the publisher's description:

Welcome back to the irresistible world of Greenglass House where thirteen-year-old Milo is, once again, spending the winter holidays stuck in a house full of strange guests who are not what they seem. There are fresh clues to uncover as friends old and new join in his search for a mysterious map and a famous smuggler’s lost haul. 
This exciting sequel to a beloved book that was praised in a starred review as "an enchanting, empowering read" is sure to thrill both fans and newcomers. Like its predecessor, it's a smart, suspenseful tale that offers ghosts, friendships, and a cast of unforgettable characters, all wrapped up in a cozy mystery.

A series that I read about on MMGM also has a new book! This series, the Wells & Wong Mysteries by Robin Stevens (the U.S. editions are reviewed here), now has a new book, A Spoonful of Murder. Note that the series is published first in the U.K. with different covers (such as this one), so it will be released soon after the 4th book, Jolly Foul Play, will be released in the U.S. Before you read this book, which comes out on February 8, 2018 in the U.K., you will need to read Jolly Foul Play and Mistletoe and Murder (the 5th book), and you can also read the Cream Buns and Crime short story compilation. All of these can be ordered online, even from the U.S., and you can pre-order A Spoonful of Murder on here. Here's the publisher's description (with no spoilers from the so-far-U.K.-only books):

When Hazel Wong's beloved grandfather passes away, Daisy Wells is all too happy to accompany her friend (and Detective Society Vice President) to Hazel's family estate in beautiful, bustling Hong Kong. 

But when they arrive they discover something they didn't expect: there's a new member of the Wong family. Daisy and Hazel think baby Teddy is enough to deal with, but as always the girls are never far from a mystery. Tragedy strikes very close to home, and this time Hazel isn't just the detective. She's been framed for murder! 

The girls must work together like never before, confronting dangerous gangs, mysterious suspects and sinister private detectives to solve the murder and clear Hazel's name - before it's too late . . . 

Finally, in what may be the most exciting news yet, authors Rebecca Stead (I have reviewed her books here and here) and Wendy Mass (I have reviewed her books here, here, and here) are collaborating on a new book called Bob, with illustrations by Nicholas Gannon! The book comes out on May 1, 2018, and the publisher's description is here:

It’s been five years since Livy and her family have visited Livy’s grandmother in Australia. Now that she’s back, Livy has the feeling she’s forgotten something really, really important about Gran’s house.

It turns out she’s right.

Bob, a short, greenish creature dressed in a chicken suit, didn’t forget Livy, or her promise. He’s been waiting five years for her to come back, hiding in a closet like she told him to. He can’t remember who―or what―he is, where he came from, or if he even has a family. But five years ago Livy promised she would help him find his way back home. Now it’s time to keep that promise.

Clue by clue, Livy and Bob will unravel the mystery of where Bob comes from, and discover the kind of magic that lasts forever.

Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead, two masterminds of classic, middle-grade fiction come together to craft this magical story about the enduring power of friendship.

I am certainly looking forward to reading all of these books, and I hope you are too! Next week, I will hopefully have read a book which I can review, but, until then, I thank you for continuing to read this blog through its messier periods! Also, look out for the announcement of the Holiday Signed Book Extravaganza winners, coming this week!


  1. Thanks for letting us know about new MG books out there. I have a much harder time knowing what's new in MG vs. YA. And how awesome about Rebecca Stead's new book. I really like her as an author.

  2. Great post and my stack of books to read just got taller. Looking forward to all of these.

  3. I loved The War I Finally Won -- it's as good as the sequel. I loved Green Glass House as the ending really caught me off-guard. I didn't know there was a sequel until recently, so really want to read it in the new year!

  4. What a great Roundup of books! The War I Finally Won has been popping up on my radar, and based on your recommendation I've added it to my to be read pile! Thanks so much, and have a great MMGM!



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