MMGM (4/16/2018): Nightfall by Shannon Messenger

For MMGM, I am reviewing Nightfall (the sixth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series) by Shannon Messenger.

Here's the publisher's description:

Sophie and her friends face battles unlike anything they’ve seen before in this thrilling sixth book of the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

Sophie Foster is struggling. Grieving. Scrambling. But she knows one thing: she will not be defeated.

The Neverseen have had their victories—but the battle is far from over. It’s time to change tactics. Make sacrifices. Reexamine everything. Maybe even time for Sophie to trust her enemies.

All paths lead to Nightfall—an ominous door to an even more ominous place—and Sophie and her friends strike a dangerous bargain to get there. But nothing can prepare them for what they discover. The problems they’re facing stretch deep into their history. And with time running out, and mistakes catching up with them, Sophie and her allies must join forces in ways they never have before.

In this spectacular sixth book in the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must uncover the truth about the Lost Cities’ insidious past, before it repeats itself and changes reality.

I've been a fan of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series since before the third book came out; it's actually the reason I discovered MMGM (which was until recently run by Messenger) and joined it! This book has many of the same qualities that have made the rest of the series great. The characters are so true to their personalities and so layered that I literally could imagine meeting one of them in real life. Parts of the novel are deep and poignant (the struggles involving characters' families and friends make sure of that), while others are hilarious and break the tension (just flipping through the book, I found several amusing lines). This novel has a special emphasis on the relations between the world's different intelligent species: new members of the warlike ogres are introduced, and the history  between the elves and humans is further explored (Nightfall itself plays a major part in this history). If I had one criticism of the novel, it would be that very few of the series's plot lines have been tied up, making the book seem slow at times. The seventh and final novel (unless Messenger extends the series again), Flashback, must now end the series properly without seeming disjointed. With all of the events that have occurred in this most recent book, however, I am still desperately excited to read the next book in the series, as any reader will be!


  1. Awesome how this series got you to join MMGM and that you have enjoyed the series so much. I really enjoyed book 1 but somehow didn't continue on with it. Sorry this one dragged a bit. I remember that the long Harry Potter series did that too at points.

  2. I am way behind reading Shannon's series. I have read the first three and your review pushes me to find time to catch up with the rest. I know several kids who are passionate about the characters which shows the level of writing.

  3. I loved finding MMGM with all of these great book reviews and recommendations! I've read the first book in this series, but have lagged behind in following the rest. Guess I need to get going!

  4. I've read the entire series, each book at least twice -- I always want to remind myself of what happened before I start the newest sequel. I enjoyed Nightfall, but didn't feel that it advanced the story as much as the others did. And, I wanted to know more about Sophie's sister. That being said, I love the series as I do Harry Potter. I don't know how Shannon keeps all of the details straight. And her world-building is thrilling.

  5. This whole series sounds terrific. How do i keep up with all the great books out there?

  6. Shannon is such a great writer and so prolific! Glad you are enjoying the series so much. It is a good one.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation! Glad you are back!


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