#LiveLikeABookChallenge Hub!

With the #LiveLikeABookChallenge one week away as of this writing, I've created the challenge hub here so you can begin sharing advance plans, or participating if you're completely unable to join us during the scheduled dates of January 14 and 15!

In short, this is your chance to spend a weekend like you're inside a book—and who doesn't want that?

About the challenge:

For a few years, I've thought about hosting a reading challenge like many other bloggers do, but I honestly felt like no one needs another reading challenge to tend to. But I still wanted to find a way to bring the blogging community together as part of a fun activity.

Then a few random pieces of inspiration came together (including this article I saw that is basically my challenge for Taylor Swift rather than a book)...and I devised the #LiveLikeABookChallenge!

What do I do for this challenge?

Glad you asked! Basically, you'll pick one book—a favorite book, a recent read, whatever tickles your fancy. Then you'll come up with several activities to do over the challenge weekend (I'd suggest 3 or more), with the goal of trying to live like 1 or more characters in the book!

One note: the books you choose are not required to be kidlit!

These activities can be as complex or as simple as you want. At the risk of spoiling some of my own plans, I'm going to do activities based on Goodbye Stranger, including wearing cat ears around, making cinnamon toast, and maybe even writing some letters and never sending them (like Sherm)! The key thing is that these aren't just activities related to the book—they are activities that, in some small way, allow you to live as if you were inside the book!

When is the challenge?

The challenge will officially be open on Saturday, January 14 and Sunday, January 15, 2023! You can participate on either or both days—whatever's easiest for you.

If you're totally not at all free on the days of the challenge, I don't want you to miss out, so you can participate on other days if you have to! But because part of the fun will be everyone doing their activities and sharing about them at the same time, I do ask that you try to participate on the scheduled days if at all possible.

Do you have any disclaimers for me?

As a matter of fact, I do!

I do not necessarily endorse any of the content that other people create as part of this challenge. I ask that participants choose books and activities that are aligned with values of appropriateness, inclusion, and tolerance for all. I reserve the right to delete the content shared by challenge participants in any spaces that I control (the link roundup, the Goodreads group, etc.) if I deem it necessary. I have no control over what people share using the challenge hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, so please keep that in mind as you use those platforms.

Can I help spread the word?

A thousand percent yes! If you know ahead of time that you'll be participating, I'd love if you could share about it online and include the challenge graphic (above). I imagine participating will require some prep in advance, so the earlier potential participants hear about the challenge, the more likely they will actually be able to participate during the scheduled dates!

Ways to join in:

Via Twitter and Instagram!

Feel free to post about your challenge plans or adventures using the hashtag #LiveLikeABookChallenge, and I'll take a look at them during the official challenge dates!

Do note that I'm still a social media neophyte, so I won't be looking at any Instagram Stories.

Via the Goodreads group!

Check out the Goodreads group at the link above if that platform works best for you! I've divided the group into two threads, one for advance plans if you have any, and one for actual updates during the challenge itself.

You can post as often as you like in the group, but just make sure to follow the challenge rules above!

Via the link round-up!

If you want to post about the challenge on your blog, feel free to add links to those posts to the round-up below!

One quick note: to reduce clutter in the round-up, please link to no more than two posts per day while you are completing the actual challenge. You're welcome to post more frequently with the hashtag on social media, or in the Goodreads group!

I'm excited to see what people come up with!!! ✨✨

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter


  1. I am still thinking about what book will work well for this challenge...

    1. That's totally fair! I think the key is not to try to find the *perfect* book, but to just pick a book you love or enjoyed recently, and go from there! I hope to see you in the challenge this weekend, Helen!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. I won't be entering but I dream about someone wanting to be a character in MY (still unpublished) book.

    1. I definitely think there will be readers out there who will have that experience of your book! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your writing, Carol!

  3. I agree with Carol that it sounds like fun, but I'm not sure what book I want to live inside.
    I once won a contest dressed up as The Paper Bag Princess and the best part was telling everyone that Ronald was a bum.

    1. I can't believe I've never heard of The Paper Bag Princess—it sounds like such a clever book, and it's so fun that you won a contest while dressed as the main character! I hope you're able to find a book that works for you for the challenge—thanks so much for stopping by, Cheriee!

  4. No idea of the book I want to live in yet but I am hoping to get an idea and join in this weekend! Shared it on my post here - https://www.ladyinreadwrites.com/five-for-friday-fun-bookish-memes-and-more/

  5. I've been mesmerized this month by Ryan La Sala's "The Honeys," a very literary YA horror novel featuring bees and a non binary protagonist who searches for clues to his twin sister's death at a creepy, elite summer camp.

    The only trouble is, following a challenge for this book would involve attending a creepy summer camp, getting bullied for my orientation, being adopted into a hive of popular girls (very unlikely), and either committing murder or being murdered.

    Ah, well. "The Honeys" is a great read, though. Immersive, visceral, edible.


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