My #LiveLikeABookChallenge Adventure, Day 1!

Here, I'll be cross-posting my updates from Instagram and Twitter about the #LiveLikeABookChallenge—make sure to check out the challenge hub if you want to participate!

Update 1:

#LiveLikeABookChallenge begins today, so I'm spending my weekend living like Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead!

First up: starting the day with one of Bridge's favorite treats, cinnamon toast! (It's even on the book cover...)

And yes, Bridge, I ate it face-up! 😄

Update 2:

My Goodbye Stranger adventures continue...with Bridge's cat ears! 🐱

(I won't be wearing these in public, I'm afraid, but I will be wearing them to a friend's house!)


Update 3:

#LiveLikeABookChallenge continues with a Sherm-from-Goodbye-Stranger-themed activity:

Reading about the Apollo 11 moon landing on Wikipedia!

(And the quote is a smidge out of context—this book doesn't endorse moon landing misinformation! 😁)

Update 4:

My family's joined the #LiveLikeABookChallenge fun too!

My mother broke up her morning into 30-minute "time units" like Will from About a Boy!

My father is contemplating the wisdom from Ursula K. Le Guin's annotated version of Tao Te Ching!

And my brother is being anxious, existential, and Instagram-addicted like Mary Ann from Paradise, Nevada! (His words!) 😄

Update 5:

Day 1 of #LiveLikeABookChallenge ends with some nighttime music!

In Goodbye Stranger, Bridge's mom played the cello, so I figured I'd try out some cello Yo-Yo Ma!

And then, for reasons that are mostly unrelated to the book itself, I associate Sherm's character with Simon & Garfunkel, so I listened to some of my favorite songs of theirs too!


  1. Rebecca Stead is a wonderful author and I love this list of things you and your family are doing to be like a character.

    1. Stead is definitely my favorite author of all time, so embodying characters from Goodbye Stranger was a no-brainer! Thanks so much for stopping by, Helen!

  2. I was away and unable to participate in your challenge, but it looks like so much fun! And I LOVE that your family got in on it, too! Looks like fun - sorry I missed it :)

    Book By Book


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