Poetry Sunday (1/15/2017): THE RESULTS!

I am shocked at how many poems were entered in the New Year's Poetry Contest: 8!!! Now, it's time for: THE RESULTS!

Firstly, we have a great untitled poem from Sydney:

One year gone,
With another one come.
How the time flies by,
Too fast for some.

But we need not fear,
For there's good to come.
As we aim to adhere,
To our New Year's resolutions.

Lots of applause! I love the rhyme scheme! Next, we have "New Year Haiku" from Ames:

Baking bread, rising
As is hope, love and prayers
For the glad New Year

I love this poem! I've always loved poems that can distill complexity into a small format! And, last but not least, we have a poem from Voole, entitled, "Central Texas Theme:"

A chill on the sweat,
ending feelings.
A maize truck turning in dry pods for life.

     The big, dull lights come on,
little folks trail to turgid grips of the unready-
vital moments of horn and honk. Grey, bright nights
smelling of Alva Ann, Luling and cottonseed ham.

Spring’s hope? all gone in seeds-gone to seeds.

Juniper pods dry and bursting-clogging the sun
with hope for green life; falling, perhaps, on
me—no life here for little fairy pods breathed
like fire into wet, red caves.

          How lucky to rest, fallow and waiting for
another start—seed pods lingering in kickoff hope.

Renewal hounds the bitter wind. New life.

Heck, he’s bigger than life-he’s our town.
They stand for all of us and we sit for them.
Little seeds braving icy shots and wet ruin.
Better that crash than prospect of red seeds and
cotton snow falling in little roads. Pick up. Hands
and carry, fill it up for no pay.

Cobbler and tobacco, milk for the biggest of the big—
leave the house and hope dies-streamers kill it.
Open streamer cars sending gulps through closed thoughts.
Little pin holes whistling. Rush, rush. Acorns stocking
in little oak hotels, dry and bitter, filled with hope.
Pom Pom sadness.

          Blessed bitter Amarillo wind. No time for holy
soles-zip in the plaid-belly scratch like
a thousand raven lice. My teeth are radios

          I’ll take the jolts; I’ll face New Mexico and
hold on. Life is coming. Dessau sweat again-no chill
there, just another chance-round we go, round we go
Holding on for life.
I’ll open too then and try once more.

I love this poem! I like the descriptive language! All of you should expect 2 emails, one telling you that you're a winner (this will come from Completely Full Bookshelf) and another with your eGift card (this will come from Barnes & Noble). Be sure to check your spam emails if you do not receive your eGift card. Thanks to everyone who entered, and one more round of applause to the winners!


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